ABSOLUTE BE stands for:

Tailor-made German learning

Absolute Be's German lessons are structured according to your wishes.

Whether you are a professional or still studying.
Every lesson is unique.

Absolute Be work is 100% customer-oriented.

Native speaker with years of business experience

German is the native language of teacher Beatrix.

She worked in the German business world for over 25 years and had contacts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition to the German language, she can also teach you a lot about German corporate culture.

Flexible learning

At Absolute Be you decide when and how you learn German, online or at the location you prefer. Together we work out a process that perfectly matches your work or study situation.

You can take classes 7 days a week, also on weekends.

This makes learning German feasible for everyone, including you. Whether you are looking for private lessons or want to take lessons in small groups.

Fast and focused

The aim of Absolute Be is to teach you the German you need in the shortest possible time.

The lessons are therefore tailored to your personal learning goals.

With individual and practical guidance, you will reach the desired level at your own pace in order to further your professional career or successfully complete your studies.

Customers focus

"Absolute Be" was founded in 2019 by Beatrix alias "Be". Beatrix is happy when she can teach German. She gives herself "completely" to teaching and always puts her customers first. Beatrix is available to her customers every day. That’s how “Absolute Be" was created.

Beatrix is an enthusiastic German trainer with a great passion for her native language, German. Her roots are in Germany, but she has been living with her family in Schilde (Antwerp) for a number of years and speaks fluent Dutch and English.

She is absolutely convinced that successful integration into another country begins with learning the language. She experienced it herself when she emigrated to Belgium and did not yet know the Dutch language. That is why she finds it so fascinating to now teach others her mother tongue.

Setting the right accents

After a 28-year career in the business world, Beatrix decided to start as a freelancer. Thanks to her business experience, she knows how to set the right accents for professionals who want to learn business German.

But Beatrix is also the perfect person to help students to polish their German. She herself managed to become fluent in Dutch in a short time.

In addition to teaching the German language, Beatrix is engaged in professional translations.

What means Absolute Be for you?

Are you looking for a targeted German course that perfectly suits your work situation?
Or would you like to take German lessons for your studies?

How does Absolute Be work?

During a free intake interview, we determine your personal lesson curriculum together.

This is done based on your:

Language level

Are you a beginner or advanced? What do you already know?

Learning objective

What do you want to learn? And what do you want to achieve?

Learning preferences

How do you want to learn? And how much time can you spend on it?

Work or study situation

Why do you want to learn German? Where do you want to apply your knowledge?

The intake interview lasts 30 minutes and takes place via telephone or video chat.

Absolute Be focuses on the vocabulary, grammar and language skills you need in your situation. Beatrix covers the topics that are crucial for your job or study and guides you to a higher level in the German language and culture.

This way you learn quickly and effectively and you can communicate directly in German.

Based on your current knowledge, learning goals and specific wishes, Absolute Be will develop a personal program for you.

You will therefore receive lessons that perfectly match your job or study.

You practice the subject matter through a role play. In this way, mistakes are corrected immediately and you can immediately use the German language in your specialist area. You decide where and how to do this. Would you like to do a personal training or do you prefer virtual lessons?

Do you prefer to study alone or with a colleague or another student?

Beatrix helps you to overcome your speaking threshold. You practice in a "safe" environment, which quickly improves your German language skills.

Her enthusiastic and enjoyable way of teaching will keep you motivated and grow your confidence to speak German.

Are you interested in German language training?