German tutoring tailored to students

Personal tutoring

It is not easy for everyone to learn German. Did you miss a number of lessons or is it all going too fast for you?
Are your study results disappointing or do you want to prepare for your exam? Then it is a good idea to start with tutoring German.

What are the benefits of a German tutoring?

  • One to one learning

    You will receive individual lessons so that you can focus more easily. Moreover, a tutoring is tailored to your specific topics.
    This creates a supportive environment in which there is a higher disclosure of misunderstanding.
  • Gain confidence      

    The better you master the German subject matter, the more confident you will be.

  • Teaching study method    

    During a tutoring session you look together at how you can best remember the learning material. This gives you structure and overview. This makes you more motivated to continue studying independently.

  • Own pace    

    You will receive personal attention and work at a rhythm that is feasible for you. This way you can record everything optimally and you are always completely with you.

Get rid of your backlog quickly with German tutoring at Absolute Be

Why work with Absolute Be?

Native speaker

Taking lessons from a native German speaker will help you improve your pronunciation and intonation quickly.
Your teacher has excellent knowledge of German and can also help you with grammar and writing.

Tailor-made guidance

The lessons are always tailored to your specific problems and your study pace.
Your study situation is central as much as possible so that you gain the knowledge you need to successfully complete your study.

Flexible lesson hours

You determine the time and frequency of your tutoring. You can contact Absolute Be 7 days a week.
We will certainly find a suitable time to work on your German.

What can you expect from a German tutor?

During the tutoring, Absolute Be goes deeper into the subject matter that you find difficult and, for example, we work on it:


  • Grammar
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Learning basic expressions and more complex sentences
  • Practice German spelling
  • Speaking exercises

Who is German tutoring suitable for?

Absolute Be is aimed at secondary school or university students.

  • Young people who want to prepare for an German exam
  • Students who want to prepare for higher studies
  • Students going on Erasmus to a German-speaking country
  • Students who want to prepare for a first job

Program content:


Depending on your starting level, after following the Absolute package you can give a presentation or have a conversation at an advanced level


After following the standard package you are able to have a basic conversation.

Mini / XS

These packages are interesting for students who want to prepare for their exam.

How does Absolute Be work?

Before you start your tutoring sessions, we will discuss your results together.
This way we can map out your difficulties and offer adapted study material.

Where can you follow a German language course?

You choose at which location your tutoring takes place. Absolute Be always tries to find the best solution for you or your child.

At Absolute Be

If you want to take lessons outside your work or private environment, you can do this at the Absolute Be office in Schilde (Antwerp).

At your location

It is possible to follow individual language courses or training in small groups at your location.
It is necessary that the lessons can take place in a quiet room without possible distractions.


If online is more convenient German lessons can be taken via web interfaces?

Timing and frequency of your language training is determined by yourself. Absolute Be is available 7 days a week. In this way we always find a suitable time.

Would you like to take a German lesson? Or do you have any questions?