Gain more customers with German language training or professional translation

Tailor-made German

Germany is Europe's economic engine and an important trading partner for many countries.
Therefore, a good knowledge of German language is a great advantage for those who work on the international markets.


Do you not master yet the German language enough for having a good business conversation, or you need help with your German business correspondence?
Then investing in an individual German language course or work with a professional translator for your written communication, might be a good option.

German language courses

Why take a German language course at Absolute Be?

Native speaker with international business experience

Your language trainer is a native German speaker with over 25 years of experience in the German business world..
In addition to her excellent knowledge of the German language, you will also gain insight into German culture.
This way you always make a strong impression with your German-speaking customer.

Focus on your personal goals

The content of the language training is completely tailored to your individual learning goals. Moreover, every language course is functional and practice-oriented..
Your work situation is therefore central as much as possible. In this way you acquire exactly the knowledge you need to communicate with German speaking individuals in your business.

Communicate and negotiate with confident

With individual language training you learn at your level and pace. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, it doesn't matter.
Absolute Be works 100% customer-oriented and adapts to your situation.
This way you stay motivated and your self-confidence grows to express yourself fluently in German.

Boost your professional career with a German course

What are the learning points in a German language course?

The course focuses mainly on business German for your work domain.

You will learn this, amongst other:


  • German business terminology
  • German daily language
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Building german senteces

Absolute Be responds to your personal wishes and works on your s kills.


  • Telephone skills
  • Provide information about a specific product
  • Presenting your organization, products or services
  • Meetings
  • Handling complaints
  • Welcoming visitors

For whom is German language training suitable?

Absolute Be is requested by companies and freelancers, as well as people who would like to learn German for vacation.

  • Beginners and advanced who want to learn German at their own pace
  • Professionals who want to refresh, improve or expand their knowledge of the German language
  • Employees and freelancers who have business contacts in Germany
  • Expats who want to prepare for a business stay abroad


Absolute Be always works tailored according your requirements so you can learn German effectively and practically.

Additional to individual training, lessons can be taken in small groups. For example, you can complete a German language course with a few colleagues from your team.

Are you interested in a crash course in German? Absolute Be offers packages to start with an intensive in depth program.

Program content:


  • The most intensive and efficient language training

  • Course tailored to the objectives of your company

  • The Absolute curriculum guarantees a fast command of the German language


  • Targeted course tailored to your personal and / or professional needs

  • Regardless of your starting level, you are able to have a normal conversation with the standard package


  • Lessons tailored to your learning goal

  • Refresh your existing passive German knowledge

  • Specific training for a presentation or sales conversation

  • With the mini package you are able to have a basic dialog

Contact Absolute Be for more information

How works Absolute Be?

Before you start your language training, we will assess your personal learning goals and your time availability.
Absolute Be tries to estimate your level as accurately as possible.
We will then put together the right right learning program.

Where can you follow a German language course?

Absolute gives training in Antwerp and de North Antwerp .

  • At your location
    It is possible to follow individual language courses or training in small groups at your location.
  • At Absolute Be
    If you want to take lessons outside your work or private environment, you can do this at the Absolute Be office in Schilde (Antwerp).
  • Online
    If online is more convenient German lessons can be taken via web interfaces?

Of course, combinations are also a possibility. 

Timing and frequency of your language training is determined by yourself.. Absolute Be is available 7 days a week. In this way
we always find a suitable time.


German translations

If you work with German companies, it is preferred you inform your customer in their native language. With a professional translator.
you can be sure that your German text is fluent
and correct.

Why work with Absolute Be?

Translation by native speaker

Absolute Be specializes in translations from Dutch into German..
Your text will be translated by a professional German native speaker with a broad general business acumen.

Quality guaranteed

Translations are thoroughly checked for spelling, grammar and sentence structure.
This is always guaranteed.

Fast service

Absolute Be is available 7 days a week and will process your translations as quick as possible.

What are the costs for translation services?

Absolute Be always makes a free tailor-made offer. Contact us for more information

Why work with Absolute Be?

Absolute Be helpt jou met vertalingen from Dutch into German..


You can also contact Absolute Be for checking your business correspondence:

  • Presentations
  • Offers
  • Business letters
  • E-Mails
  • Corrections

Interested in a professional collaboration? Questions?